2015 Vacation Destinations: Grand Central Terminal, New York City

I made my first trip to New York City as part of a family vacation in 1988.  There is a whole backstory to that, which I will tell as part of my travel memories at a later date.  While my parents and I were, I think, walking from our hotel to the United Nations Headquarters, we took the walkway along the Park Avenue Viaduct through the Helmsley Building.  When we came out the other side, I realized that we were close to Grand Central Terminal.  I asked my folks if we could walk the couple hundred feet to Grand Central so that I could see it, but they didn’t want to go out of our way, so I didn’t get to see the station on that trip.

My son has always been a fan of trains, and with a Midtown Manhattan hotel, I knew that we would be able to fit a trip to Grand Central Station into the week somewhere.  As it turns out, when we checked Google Maps for a subway trip to Battery Park for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island cruise, the best way from where we were was the 4 or 5 train from Grand Central.  We had about three hours to get to Battery Park, so that gave us plenty of time to explore the station. Continue reading “2015 Vacation Destinations: Grand Central Terminal, New York City”

National Geographic November, 2014

This is going to be kind of a downer of an entry.  First, we have an article on how parasites change the behavior of their hosts.  Second, we return to Nepal in April 2014, for the single deadliest day on Mount Everest.  I should have expected this issue to be kind of a downer after the “still life” featuring a dead pelican on pages 28 and 29. Continue reading “National Geographic November, 2014”