My Plane Takes Off in a Few Hours

I’ve basically gotten no sleep tonight, because I’ve been too busy trying to get packed and get my last-minute cleaning done.  Alex is sleeping right now and I have to get him up in pretty soon so that he can get his last-minute stuff done. I’ll sleep while he does that, then he’ll make sure I get up an hour before the cab gets here to take us to the airport. That way I can get some breakfast in and shower before we leave.

And then we’ll be off to Salt Lake City, Yellowstone, and Dinosaur National Monument.  I’ve queued up blog posts for the week (only one National Geographic post because I’m a smidge behind on my reading) and when I get back, I’ll probably temporarily suspend the My Travel Memories posts to write up this trip. I’ll also hopefully have read at least the May 2013 and possibly even the April 2016 issue so that I can get those written up as well.  One more issue after that and I’ll have finished reading four years of issues (1888 and then April 2013 through April 2016).

Less than 12 hours until we’re in Salt Lake City.  If all goes as planned.

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