Well, I Might As Well Give Up on My Steps for November . . .

I aim to get around 8,000 steps per day.  I was off on the first of November, so even though I got nearly 1,000 steps in, that still leaves me about 7,000 behind. I can generally catch that up pretty quickly. Then on the second through fourth, we sold a lot of prescriptions, which means that I spent a lot of time on a cash register. The end result of that was that I barely kept up. Actually, on the fourth, I walked around the store up one aisle and down the other — twice. So that actually had me over for the day, but still about 5,000 steps behind for the month.

Then yesterday we had a friend over for lunch. I got a couple thousand steps in before she came over, but afterwards, nothing. So I’m about 13,000 steps behind right now. It’s still early today, so I might be able to get that many in. Except that it’s raining. I know that there are umbrellas, but so many of my usual places to walk are dirt. Walking in the rain is all right. Walking in the mud is far less acceptable.

Even if I were able to catch up today (which is doubtful — 13,000 steps is nearly six miles), then on Tuesday, I’m working the election, which is a 13-hour day of sitting down. So that will put me 8,000 steps behind again.

I think I’ll try to get my 8,000 in for today (maybe driving to somewhere outside the rain and also going to the supermarket?) and just let the rest of the month take care of itself.

Update (November 6, 2016, 6:54 p.m.): So, unwilling to give up so easily, I took Alex out to try to finish up the leg of the Salado Creek Greenway that we’re working on. We get to the trailhead and I ask Alex to put my phone in the pouch that I wear when we’re hiking.  And turns out I left my phone at home. We still got an hour’s walking in (and since we almost ran the whole way back we probably knocked out about three miles or so). We might have attempted more, but there were dark clouds in the distance and we didn’t want to chance getting caught in the rain so we headed back to the car. Afterwards, then we went grocery shopping, which added another couple hundred, probably.

According to the Google Map Pedometer, we walked 2.4 miles, round trip, which is 5,300 steps. Adding the grocery store to that probably brings me up to 6,000 steps or so. So now I’m faking it by moving my arm up and down 6,000 times.  Perhaps we’ll take the dog for a walk tonight.

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