Blogging Plans for 2019

We have about an hour left in 2018 and so I’m making plans for 2019. I was thinking that I could knock out the rest of the parks on my list of parks if I visited one a week but that doesn’t seem likely since I lost count around 120.

So if I visit a new park a week, I’ll be able to string that along for at least two more years. Alex and I went to the Japanese Sunken Gardens on Christmas, and if my records are right and I haven’t written about them, that’s probably where I’ll start.

Alex wanted to walk up above the crowd, but I really wanted to get over to the waterfall (picture to follow later, probably) and I literally said, without planning to at all, “I want to go down there. Where the people are.”

So, tomorrow I’ll start working on my new post and you’ll just have to wait to see if I did get to go where the people were.

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