2019 Upcoming Concerts, in the Interest of Science

Not a huge post here, just a little note. When I went to see Elton John, I really expected lots of screaming and “Woo!”ing and such. And there was a fair amount, but the section we were sitting in was mostly people sitting down and I never stood up to dance because I didn’t want to block the views of the people behind me.

So in 2019, I’m going to see Wisin & Yandel, a reggaeton duo from Puerto Rico, and I’m going to sit in the section where I sat for Elton John (two rows farther to the front and farther to the left (from the perspective of those seated in the audience), but close enough to see if the audience for a more current artist will be more like I remember concerts being from my youth or if it’s just how things are here.

The concert is June 1 so I’ll have lots of time to plan and fret and freak out between now and then. I fear I’ve bitten off more than I can chew here, but I seem to recall some kind of saying about how you need to push your limits to grow. Well, here’s to growth.

And here’s to the gratuitous Amazon link. I’ll need to buy this myself before the concert, but I’m going to wait and see how many more singles from the album come out first. Wisin & Yandel, Los Campeones del Pueblo “The Big Leagues” (note there are explicit lyrics on this album).

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