2 comments on “Hey, Look! A Post! About Languages!

  1. How about Russian – I can help with the conversational, the other-al, local too since I’m currently teaching someone and although I’m fighting hard to teach clean and proper Russian, as I learned it, there’s an awful lot of laughter and joking going on and that’s bound to affect things. There will be an Anglo-Russo-Mexico dialect of some kind one day – or there is one all ready.

    • Agh! If only I’d checked for comments earlier! Unfortunately, I started learning Czech just a couple of weeks ago and I worry that the two are too similar and I’d totally confuse them (and myself!). I have a Pokemon Go friend who speaks Czech and so she inspired me to finally take the leap and try it. I don’t have any problems keeping Spanish and Italian straight in my head, so I know I can get Czech and Russian both in there eventually. Give me a couple more months to get the Czech firmed up and I’ll be in touch.

      And San Antonio would be a good place for a Anglo-Russo-Mexican dialect. I’d be very surprised if there hadn’t been a Spanish-English-German dialect here back in the 1800s.

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