I Ended Up Working Today

I was planning to go downtown with Evelyn and two of her dogs today (and maybe get some pictures of the Arsenal Bridge), but one of my coworkers is having some kind of crisis at home so she asked me to switch. Since I did already have plans, I asked if she could find someone else, and if she couldn’t, I’d do it.

She couldn’t, so I worked today. Work wasn’t too bad. I got a bunch of stuff done, including finding something that we’ve been looking for for days. I still wish I could’ve gone downtown.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be off on Friday, so I’ll probably walk for distance from the Pearl again. I want to get up to the point where I have the time and energy to complete a marathon of walking in one day (13.1 miles down and 13.1 miles back up). I’m up to about 6 miles max. I actually am more likely to run out of time than run out of energy, though.

Speaking of running out of energy, one of Evelyn’s dogs has taken to dashing out of her apartment and into the parking lot. I did some research and found that sometimes dogs dash out like that when they don’t get enough exercise. So I hope to take that dog out for a jog (I’ll be walking but she’s tiny and so she’ll end up jogging) to see if that helps.

Well, it’s 11:00 and I have work tomorrow, so I’d better give my dad his eye drops and start getting ready for bed. Have a good night and I’ll hopefully post something new tomorrow.

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