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November 2, 2020 4 of 8

I went to the seamstress’s shop and dropped off my purse. I’m getting a new lining with the internal pocket and everything for a very good price. I hope her work is as good as it looks like because I will promote her services to all and sundry if it is.

Then I went for a walk and played Pokemon Go for a couple of hours. I also started a new (slightly imperfectly implemented) project. As I think I mentioned earlier, when Evelyn and I went walking with the dogs this summer, it was hot. Like hot-hot. Like “surface of the sun” hot. And the dogs weren’t fans.

So we’ve been looking for the most shady paths to take. It’s all pretty subjective, though. I mean, “Hey, that place we went walking last week was pretty shady.” So we go there and it takes X amount of walking in the sunshine to *get* to the shady place.

After I dropped off my purse, I hit the Leon Creek Greenway. While I was walking, I took a picture every 10-ish minutes (I missed one and took it three minutes late, so the picture before that was 13 minutes before and the next one was 6 minutes after). I stopped right after my sixth picture and the next time I have time to walk on the greenway (mid-November, probably), I’ll start from where I took that picture and then take pictures every 10 minutes.

This was the most shade I photographed on this outing. We’ll see what happens in future trips.

Then I’ll do the same thing on the Salado Creek Greenway and make movies of each greenway and see which areas of each seem to have more shade and next summer (if there is a next summer), Evelyn and I will take the dogs here.

Now, as I said, this is imperfectly implemented. Ideally, I’d take these pictures from, like 11 am to 1 pm or something, but I enjoy having a job. I don’t have the time to visit the greenway every day during that two hours in order to get a perfect view.

So, the shadows will be longer in some pictures and shorter in others. Maybe if my dad wins the lottery, I can buy a drone and zip the drone down a greenway at noon on a weekday during the summer when there aren’t many people on it and get one perfect shot of exactly what the shade on the greenways look like at noon.

But for now, as long as I’m doing this with shoe leather and a cell phone camera, we’ll get what we get.

For our Gratuitous Amazon Link this time, we have The Authenticity Project, by Claire Pooley. Julian Jessop, a fairly well-known artist, decides that most of our problems stem from an inability to be honest about our true selves. So he writes his truth in a notebook and leaves it in a coffee shop, inviting the person who finds it to do the same and leave it somewhere else. In the course of the book, six people find the book, and then they find each other and their lives become more intertwined. I really enjoyed this one and hope that by putting this here, someone else will also find it and enjoy it like I did. This is the Kindle edition.

I Need to Get Moving

November 2, 2020 3 of 8

I got up for-me-extra-early today (8:30) and tried to knock out some words, but I’ve found a new YouTuber that I like (and then found a new one, who really is new — she only has two videos so far) and wrote a post, then watched some videos and unraveled, then wrote another post and watched some videos and unraveled.

I mean, these will all be useful later this month, when I write about these YouTube creators and about the blanket-rebirth project (which really needs a name), but it’s not helping me get my daily stuff done.

Along the way, I also took my Symbicort and ate breakfast, so those are useful, obviously. Today I was planning to go to a seamstress that one of my coworkers uses to get a new lining put into my black purse (it’s a black lining and it’s a nightmare to find anything in that purse) and to get started on a project to determine which of the greenways has the most tree cover (almost said “shade,” which sounded wrong).

It’s now noon and I’ve got to get my showering done and try to figure out what’s going on with Pimsleur Czech on my way to running those errands. I’ll post Czech, the errands, etc. later.

This posts’s Gratuitous Amazon Link is for Crossings by Alex Landragin. I enjoyed this one, which is about people who lived in a Polynesian culture hundreds of years ago and where the members of the culture can switch souls with others. Our two protagonists were lovers and they lost each other and now the woman has been hopping from body to body trying to catch up to the man and there’s another order you can read the book in which supposedly also makes sense, but I must have been doing it wrong, because it made less sense to me that way. At any rate, the link is to the hard copy version, because I don’t know how the alternative sequence would work in Kindle. Maybe it’d be easier. I don’t know. I enjoyed the book but not enough to buy the Kindle version, too.