So, Biden Has Won

November 7, 2020 2 of 8

I seem to recall wondering how many words I can get out of “pleased astonishment.” I think I’m still in “stunned disbelief.”

I hang around with a lot of people with anxiety disorders and I’m starting to pick up on their attitudes I keep thinking that something’s going to happen. That there’ll end up being a lawsuit about this and the Supreme Court will decide that Trump won and then we’ll get the second Civil War that the people on the ends of the theoretical political horseshoe have been wanting.

I took this from inside the conservatory at the United States Botanic Garden when Alex and I were in DC in 2011.

What political horseshoe? There’s a theory that the people on the very farthest ends of the political spectrum are actually more alike than they are different. I’m not a political scientist, so I can see both sides of the argument whether there’s a horseshoe or not. Back in 2016, I did see people who at least claim to be on the far ends of the spectrum claiming that electing Trump would hasten the downfall of our current political structure and then we could build a new constitution with new rules. The problem is that I can’t see us coming up with a new constitution with new rules without an actual Americans-killing-Americans civil war.

And so, if the Supreme Court would decide that, then I can’t believe that the American people who voted for Biden would take that lying down. And the winner would be the side that has most of our armed forces supported.

I’d love to be able to breathe a sigh of relief, but I really won’t believe it until Biden’s inauguration.

Or maybe we could have a street party here in San Antonio, like they’ve had in cities like Philadelphia. Being surrounded by people who know that everything will go smoothly would probably go a long way towards that sigh of relief, too.

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