Can I write with my figerfinger while walleigwalking?

I’m was wayberrier bothing behind on both my steps and my word count. So I went looliglookiy looking for another dictation app to try. Rather than a dictiodictation app, thoslthough, I foul found the Google haddhandwrity writing um…interfae interfaceQuerythingy.

so I’ve installed it au and amus is an amusing am using it to wait write this post while I walk.

This still requiry requires a lot more looking down than dictetion dictation would, but also requires less precision than typirnsg.

will I stick with this? Let’s siresive give it the weak at weekers weekend to find out.

Btw, I awe have a three day weekend coum coming up starting tomorrow.

ETA: Not perfect, but better than my tries at dictation. Also slower than dictation or typing, but let’s see if I can get it going faster and eliminate the typos. Are they typos when you’re writing with your finger?

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