Reading Update

November 16, 2020 3 of 8

So I’ve spent about half of my blogging time this weekend* reading in order to catch up my Goodreads account. After all, if I don’t read enough to keep up with my blogging, then there go my Gratuitous Amazon Links.

I’m only reading graphic novels, comics compilations, and comic strip compilations this weekend in order to get the most undated read items from my Goodreads account knocked off. And so far, I’ve reduced my undated books from 9 of the 14 pages to 8 of the 14 pages. If I keep this up, by the end of the week,** maybe half of my Goodreads pages will have dates! Yay!

Gratuitous Amazon Link time! Though since I’m talking about reading, maybe less gratuitous than usual. This post, we have Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 2 The Hammer of Thor, by Rick Riordan. I guess the first book, The Sword of Summer, is buried somewhere in the wilds of the undated books in my Read category. There’s a surprise.

I only have one Unbeatable Squirrel Girl compilation to go. I’m starting on FoxTrot compilations and Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels.

*I had a three-day weekend, then worked a short (7.5-hour) day, then had another day off. It all feels like one weekend to me.

**Tuesday November 17 through Friday November 20.

What’s For Dinner Tonight?

November 14, 2020 2 of 8

This isn’t a recipe as such, but I’m hard up for words today, so . . .

Most of my meals are pretty basic. When Thomas and I split up, I pared down most of my meals to the bare basics because neither Alex nor I wanted the extra stuff.

I mostly said that for the wordcount, because I’m pretty sure this meal is the same now as it was back then. If I remember differently, I’ll edit this post later.

When I was little, the only fish my mom made was perch. She’d get these blocks of frozen perch at the store and we’d thaw them, pry them apart into individual fillets, brush them with lemon butter, and broil them. I believe we served this with French fries.

When I started getting older, my mom decided to start trying new kinds of fish. We tried halibut, turbot, orange roughy, salmon, sole, and other kinds of fish. Just fresh from the seafood counter at the store. And we’d cook it pretty much like we had the perch — lemon butter and broil The halibut, orange roughy, and salmon were the ones that did the best with that approach.

When I started dating Thomas, he swore that the only kind of fish he liked was frozen, breaded fish sticks. After several months, I got him to have fish with my folks and me on fish night (which was usually Friday, though we aren’t Catholic. If I could explain my mom . . . .) and he really liked the fish.

So when we got married, we made halibut and salmon. Then when we moved to Texas, something happened to the halibut. It was no longer firm and flaky but kind of mealy. So, so much for halibut. Now we were just down to salmon.

We decided that the salmon needed a side dish and somehow decided on the Pasta Roni Angel Hair with Herbs.

This is now Alex’s favorite dinner, and so I pick up salmon pretty regularly. And that’s what we had for dinner tonight.

A couple of posts ago, I started on the The Madman’s Daughter trilogy. Well, tonight is the second book, Her Dark Curiosity, which is an adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.