I Hurt My Back Today

November 17, 2020 1 of (hah!) 8

I don’t know what I did to my back. I was walking from the parking lot to the store and suddenly — ow! I kept my upper body as steady as possible while walking to the pharmacy.

I explained that my back was hurting not quite so badly as to hurt when I breathed, but pretty close to that badly. After about an hour of me being very, very careful with my back, a coworker suggested I take something for it.

I’d taken a naproxen that morning to ward off my tendonitis, so I wasn’t really sure about taking anything else. But then I remembered that I had a bottle of acetaminophen (paracetamol to people outside the US), so I took a quick break to take two of them.

That helped a lot, but in a way, that made me more nervous, because I was worried that I would injure my back worse because I wouldn’t be able to feel it.

I found that if I stand really close to whatever I’m reaching for and reach more sideways than in front, it doesn’t hurt nearly as badly as if I reach forward for it.

So I spent the rest of the day being very careful. Six and a half hours after taking the first acetaminophen, my back started hurting again, so I spoke to my pharmacist, who said that ideally you should wait eight hours between doses, but you can push it to six, just as long as you don’t take more than three doses per day.

So I took two more and then decided to tough it out for six and a half more hours, at which point, it’d be bedtime.

I’ve still got two hours until that third dose. Wish me luck. (not that it’ll help right now, since this whole back problem will hopefully be over by the time this posts.

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