Alex Has a Fever

November 23, 2020 1 of 8

Alex felt better yesterday. He came home from work and went to bed.

Then, when I came home from work, I thought he’d be at work, but when I came home, he was (still?) in bed. I asked him if he missed work today and apparently he had the day off.

After I woke him up, he said that he was going to go to a friend’s house and so he got up to get ready and took his temperature. It was, like, 101. He tried again and got more 100+ temperatures.

The Texas MedClinic chain has a 15-minute test, so we checked out the closest 24-hour clinic and found that the walk-in wait was only 30 minutes. We attempted to make an appointment for him to get tested, but every time we tried, it told us to try a different time, but never let us choose anything but 7:30, which was the time that it said there were no openings.

We headed out to just go ahead and wait, but when we got in, the lady at the reception desk said that they weren’t taking any more walk-in COVID tests tonight because the wait was 5 hours. Then she told us to make an appointment online. And we told her that it hadn’t worked.

We also told her that the website said that the wait was only 30 minutes, and she said that she couldn’t do anything about that. So Alex made an appointment for 6:45 in the morning (which has a $100 fee for after-hours services) and we got some decongestant at the supermarket across the street. After we got home, he went for a jog and I had dinner (I offered to heat something up for both of us, but he said that he doesn’t have much of an appetite).

So, if he comes out positive for COVID (we’re pretty sure he won’t; it’s probably just a cold or the flu), then I will call in late and go get a test myself at around 8 am. Then we’ll see how it goes from there.

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