11 Days to NaNoWriMo

Today I’m feeling like I need to do more with my life. Like, I need to actually write that novel or become a translator or invent cold fusion in a coffee cup on my kitchen counter.


I went on antidepressants a while ago to try to get out of my rut. I remembered how even moods were and how that translated into more confidence. And it’s definitely working that way this time, too.

I’m basically a competitive person. My mom always thought that I wasn’t competitive, but mostly it was that I never felt that I *could* compete. There were a lot of careers that I was interested in, but I was afraid that I would never be able to, you know, well, compete.

And, well, I looked up the name of an old friend and they are guesting on podcasts and having book reviews published in real publications and, as my mom used to say, my nose is so far out of joint I can smell my earlobe.

Will this be inspiration enough to get me off my butt and win NaNoWriMo this year?

Well, that’s why I’m doing these countdown posts. If I can get in the habit of writing now, it’ll carry through for the rest of November. And maybe even farther.

Gratuitous Amazon Link Time! I just finished 75% of Lisi Harrison’s Monster High series, so it’s time for the next Monster High series, this one, written by Gitty Daneshvari, is more like the canonical Monster High tales. Our story begins with Ghoulfriends Forever, which introduces three new characters — Venus, Robecca, and Rochelle. I know it isn’t Daneshvari’s fault, but it is very frustrating that two of the main characters have names that start with the same two letters. They’re very different ghouls, as it were, but it still took me a while to sort that out. Anyway, the three ghouls start at Monster High and immediately stranger-than-normal things start to happen. Will the ghouls be able to figure it out?

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