Book Casting

I don’t know why this is, but my brain casts characters in books without my actual input. Subconsciously, as it were.

Since we’re just a 17 days from seeing the characters of the Wheel of Time as actors, I thought I’d talk some about the actors that my brain has put in the roles.

Not unfitting, given my early young adult fixation on Classic Doctor Who, a lot of the characters turn up as actors who were in Classic Doctor Who episodes.

Hey! I just figured out that there’s a way to stick a table in a WordPress blog. W00t!

Unfortunately I cannot find any good pictures of the actors in question that gives photographer credits so we’re just going to name names and y’all can look up the actors if you don’t know who I’m talking about.

Starting from the beginning of the series, the actor that my brain first latched onto and said, “this one” was Mummy-era Brendan Fraser for Perrin (which means that, yes, Perrin’s eventual wife is Rachel Weisz, and no, I didn’t have to force my brain to that decision — my brain went “These two are going to end up together. Have some Rachel Weisz and I was, like, “Don’t mind if I do.”

Moiraine is Mira Furlan, who played De’Lenn on Babylon 5.

Min is Carole Ann Ford, who played Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter, in the first season of Doctor Who, as she appeared when she was on Doctor Who. Another Doctor Who actor, this one was only in one episode, but explain that to my subconscious, Hilary Ryan, who played Rodan in the Tom Baker episode The Invasion of Time, is Nynaeve. I don’t know. I just work here.

And it goes on like this for some time. Elayne, Galad, Morgase, . . . . A lot of characters are as yet uncast in my brain. Strangely, that includes Rand and Mat. I’m one of those who sees the events of the book in my head, but my brain kind of puts an NPC with the physical description of those characters in their place.

After playing around with Doctor Who episodes on Amazon, my Germane Amazon Link ended up being The Mummy. Why do they not have the season boxed sets for DVD that they have for Blu-Ray?

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