Sebastián Yatra, Enrique Iglesias, and Ricky Martin, November 6, 2021

The concert last night was, as expected, awesome. My two biggest regrets were (a) Enrique Iglesias’s outfit was the same color as the stage and so, since I was sitting in the balcony, I kept losing him, and (b) there was no Sebastián Yatra merch.

Yatra, as the opener, went first and he was amazing. I sang, and danced, and looked forward to the days when he will be the headliner. He did “Robarte un Beso,” which is one of my favorite songs of any Latino music. Mwah. While they changed sets, I went walking around the building. I had surgery on my tailbone when I was in high school and now I cannot sit in the same place for too long without it hurting. So I went out to rest my tailbone and asked about the Yatra merch. Bummer.

Sebastián Yatra on the big screen to the side of the stage. This is probably the best photo I took that night.

I returned to my seat just after the lights went down for Enrique Iglesias. Even though he and Ricky Martin are listed as co-headliners, I think that Iglesias might be considered to be headlinier. There was way more merch for him and if I recall correctly, he was on for about half an hour longer. I enjoyed his set, but it was a little English-language heavier than I was expecting in an audience that was primarly Latino. I’m not sure if he was expecting a “whiter” audience than he got, or if he usually does a primarily English-language set, but I don’t actually know that many of his English-language songs.

Then, after another coccyx break, Ricky Martin came on. He performed for an hour and it was awesome. I knew most of the songs and was dancing along and singing along and, well, Yay!

Interestingly, I could have had half of a row to myself. The two ladies who were assigned the seats next to mine were only, apparently, interested in Enrique Iglesias. They didn’t show up until before his set and left right after. I stayed in my seat, though, because I didn’t know for sure that they were gone. I mean, the lines for the ladies’ room was really long. By the time I realized that they were gone, the concert was nearly over.

I didn’t write this until nighttime on November 7, partly because of time change. It’s 6:12 but feels a lot later now. And also because I’ve finally started reading The Last Graduate and I’ve had trouble putting it down.

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