A Random Assortment of Stuff

One of the points of NaNoWriMo is to just let go and write.

So, since I’m out of ideas today, I figured I’d just blather on for a couple of hundred words and see what happens.

I think I mentioned here that I recently lost Deimos. He had a tumor in his abdomen and it started hemorrhaging and we had to put him down. So, aside from Mila, who is living with a foster mom, I am out of furry critters. I certainly don’t have any living with me. I think I’m going to take this time to clean up. My carpets, which weren’t in such great shape when I bought this house, look clean, but I think there’s an infinite amount of loose fur buried in them. I’m also working on getting rid of the oil marks from where my five cats rubbed their faces into the door jambs.

I’m also wondering if, when I get a new cat, I can train him (I’m allergic to female cats) to travel with me. I know that I’d have to get a young cat and train him that this is just what we do in our family, and he would have to get along with Mila enough to travel with the two of us.

I was going to watch the second Wheel of Time episode tonight, but when I got home from work, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So I took a nap until 10:30 and then got up and stared at my blog for a while, then started the process of trying to get my old oDesk (now Upwork) account up and running again. It took a while to find the live chat, since I haven’t been able to access that old account. Then I decided to just write about whatever to get *something* written for today and here we are.

Oh, and I’ve given up on all but the Brilliant Events and 20s events in Wizards Unite and am focusing on leveling up as high as I can before they cancel the game. I’d do the Adversaries events but the only one I finished, I ran out of spells and Exstimulo potions and the new set is supposed to be harder than that. So. Nope.

Instead, I run a Baruffio’s Brain Potion and a Tonic for Trace Detection and just catch as many foundables as I can in that half hour. I’m almost to Level 42.

I think I’m going to have to try the walk-and-dictate thing tomorrow and maybe Sunday. I’m behind on both words and steps.

I wonder if I could export my “read” books list from Goodreads. I was thinking that picking a random book and spending a couple of hundred words on it might be a good way to build a few more posts. Ah-ha! Yes, you can. And yes, I have. Starting tomorrow (or later today by now, I guess), if I hit a block, I will randomly choose one number between 1 and 656 and write for a while on that book. Then I will delete that line and next time choose a number between 1 and 655 and repeat.

Maybe I’ll do this once daily even if I’m not blocked. I need more than 2,000 words per day to win NaNoWriMo at this point.

It’s Gratuitous Amazon Link time. We were in the middle of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, so up next is The Battle of the Labyrinth. I subscribed to Audible for a couple of months while I get all of the Wheel of Time audiobooks and now that I’ve done that, Amazon.com defaults to the audiobook instead of the Kindle book. I may accidentally link to the audiobook for these sometime in the future.

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