So I Took a Career Interest Test

The last time I did one of those was when I first moved to Texas and was unemployed. It took me so long to find a paralegal job that I began to wonder if I was barking up the proverbial wrong tree and by golly, I got mostly the kinds of things I already liked to do, like working as a librarian.

Same this time, frankly.

It started with this YouTube video from Doctor Mike. So I decided to take the Department of Labor interest assessment.

The careers with the brightest futures and the highest pay on my list are poets, lyricists, and creative writers; art therapists; music therapists; interpreters and translators; news analysts, reporters, and journalists; and mental health and substance abuse social workers. All of these are supposed to pay at least $5 more than my current job and it says that creative writing pays $32.70 per hour. Now, I don’t know if blogging is *creative* writing. Maybe it’s more journalism and reporting, which pays $23.70. So where’s my somewhere between $23.70 and $27.99 per hour?

I’m pleased that my post-retirement career of working as a foreign language translator (my real dream is to translate children’s books) is still in line with my interests, though.

So I guess I just keep going with my current plans — continue reading and writing and practicing my languages. Well, at least I’m not heading the wrong direction as fast as I can, right?

Now, where did I leave off on Gratuitous Amazon Links? I think I was on The Throne of Fire, by Rick Riordan. The Throne of Fire is the second book in the Kane Chronicles series and it concerns the search of Carter and Sadie Kane for the god Ra. Ra may be the key to defeating Apophis and the Kane siblings have to find him.

I have read the third Kane Chronicles book, The Serpent’s Shadow, and I have a copy around here somewhere. But damned if I know where. I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have books somewhere other than the four places I know of. So it’ll be a while until The Serpent’s Shadow will be my Gratuitious Amazon Link.

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