New Dog, Part II

So. Mila came to me needing a lot of training. Since my dad didn’t want a dog, and she came to me with no respect for personal space, I turned my bedroom into a little studio apartment thing. I don’t keep food or eat my meals in here, but I have an en-suite bathroom and storage space for food, treats, toys, etc., so that she won’t bother my dad.

Mila never had much experience being alone, so once she came to live with me, she’d bark and bark when I left the room. I couldn’t take a leave of absence (if I adopted a human child, yes; for an adopted dog child, not so much), so I had to leave her for a whole work day pretty much right off the bat.

So, since I knew she’d be stressed out and since there’s no point in getting a dog just to leave her in my bedroom alone, I spent more time in my bedroom, and none of my old computers were able to access any of the things I use my computer for — YouTube, WordPress, etc.

So I wasn’t able to commit much time to writing. A blog post takes quite a bit of time to write, and that was time I had to spend away from Mila. Now that I have my nifty new laptop, however, I can write blog posts while not ignoring my dog. In fact, she’s curled up on my ankles right now.

Now for the next big question. Can I do my Gratuitous and/or Germane Amazon Links on this computer? I’ve got my GoodReads page up. Let’s see. Fearless, by Francine Pascal (possibly ghostwritten? Fearless ended up being like a 40-book series). The Fearless series is about a young woman named Gaia who was born without the ability to feel fear. She has experience with a sort of social anxiety, but she doesn’t have any fear for, like, her physical well-being. Knowing this about his daughter, her father made sure she was well schooled in self-defense. I’ve been told that the series sort of falls apart eventually, but the part I’ve read (the first nine books?) are pretty good.

Is the series out of print? Wow. I’ll have to look into that. Well, at least it’s a recommendation. 😎

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