2023 Reading, So Far

I’m really kind of despairing right now. In 2022, I read 77 books. Now, granted, 35 of those were Ranma 1/2 (Germane Amazon Link!), but still

I’m at 21 books right now. I’m reading my August 2023 book club book, Congratulations, the Best Is Over! by R. Eric Thomas (Another Germane Amazon Link!) right now, so that’ll make it 22. Whoopee!

My September, October, November, and December book club books will bring it to 26. Meanwhile, there are, like, 10 more books in my TBR pile, and my ongoing decluttering-my-book-collection-by-rereading-everything project (that really needs a shorter name!) is taking the time it takes.

Will I meet the 42 non-Ranma books that I read in 2022 with less than half of the year left? I can’t wait to find out.

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