I’m Thinking About Making a YouTube Channel

A lot of the stuff I write about, as you may know if you’ve seen other posts, is history and public parks and the history of public parks.

So I’m thinking about maybe kinda starting a YouTube channel about the history of parks that I’ve visited. Ones here in town and others that I’ll visit in the future. Like if I can ever get the time and money, and Alex can get the time, I’d like to visit Carlsbad Caverns.

I’m also thinking about a sideline of doing book reviews in said parks. So I might start with Milam Park in downtown San Antonio, talking about the location’s history as the city cemetery and how Milam was killed in the yard of the Veramendi house during the Siege of Bexar.

I even have found a picture of the Veramendi Palace that I’m 95%* certain is in the public domain.

I’m probably going to meet Ray downtown tomorrow for dinner, and so I’m thinking about going in early and bringing my camera and, well, a book. Then I can take footage of the park and the area on Soledad Street where the Veramendi house used to be. I also can shoot some images of the book in the park that I can use to make a book review video.

I was just looking at my library. I’m going through my Gratuitous Amazon Links chronologically as I’ve read the books. For this, I may go alphabetical by author starting with my general reading, then doing book club books, and ending with special collections, like the Rick Riordan Presents books.

If I do that, then my first book should be the book that I cannot decide where to put because it has seven distinct authors — Fatal Throne: The Six Wives of Henry VIII Tell All, by Jennifer Donnelly (Introduction and Anna of Cleves), Candace Fleming (Katharine of Aragon), Stephanie Hemphill (Anne Boleyn), Lisa Ann Sandell (Jane Seymour), Linda Sue Park (Catherine Howard), Deborah Hopkinson (Kateryn Parr), and MT Anderson (Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I). My copy also has some dog teeth marks on it because it was in the living room when Felicity came out from under her sedation after her spaying. Oh. Germane Amazon Link!

*95% is the percentage I assign to things that I am certain about, but I still want to leave some wiggle room just in case.

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