My First Novel

I’ve been working on something that I keep hoping will be my first novel. I keep bumping into the problem that I don’t know who the characters are, and therefore don’t know what they’ll do.

I’m thinking about cheating and making my characters original characters in a fanfiction story. I’ve had pretty good luck with that technique. I’ve created love interests, friends, family members, all sorts of things in all sorts of fandoms. I can flesh out the original characters by watching how they react to the characters in the fandom.

Right now I feel like I’m playing handball against drapes. There’s nothing for my characters to really *do* because there’s nothing for them to react to. Does that make sense?

And then I can scrape the serial numbers off of the fandom characters and have them be family and friends back home.

I may be onto something here.

I wonder if I have any books in any fandoms that I could base this in, and then use that as a Germane Amazon Link?

Well, until then, here’s a Gratuitous Amazon Link: Book 4 of Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus, The House of Hades. Riordan finds his balancing-six-pov-characters groove. Yay!

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