Search Engine Optimization

I guess that if I’m going to try to make money at either writing or YouTube or TikTok or whatever, I probably need to figure out how to work an algorithm.

Crap. Where do I even start on this?

I’ve toyed with those on-line keyword tools, but they keep giving me basically garbage. One tool, for example, suggests “blog search” as a keyword for this blog. I talk about travel, books, and history here.

When I put “book reviews” in on another site, it gives me a list of best sellers to, I don’t know, write about? Compare the books I’ve reviewed to? Just mention in passing to get hits?

As to my historical photo collection plan, of 200 pages of photos, I’m on about page 30. Some things I can just scan over, like pictures that start with “Captain,” which I just passed, and was followed soon after with “Carl.” I want buildings and landscapes, not portraits, so those are easy.

Lots and lots of the photos are of HemisFair ’68, which was the World’s Fair when it was held here. Those are great photos, highly historical, and very interesting, but not in the public domain, and therefore not of interest for this project.

Today’s Gratuitous Amazon Link is maybe not so gratuitous, since it’s about southern history and so is my photo collection plan. Maybe? It’s The Haunting of Derek Stone, which was published as a four-book series, but which feels largely like one really big middle grade book. Derek is 14 when he experiences a catastrophic train accident, during which his father and brother both disappear into a ravine. I’m going to link to the first book, City of The Dead, but would feel odd linking to the others in subsequent posts, since it feels like one long book to me.

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