YouTube Channel — Book Reviews

This is going to be a fast one. I hope.

I think I probably need to prewrite my book reviews for my YouTube channel and then record the vocals and have Alex edit them together with images of the book (and my arthritic hands!) in the park I’m using for the video.

I’m seeing figures of 150 words per minute for voiceover. I guess that means that a 10-minute book review (I need to refresh my memory, but once upon a time videos needed to be 10 minutes to be monetized) would be about 1500 words.


Well, a journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step, I’d better get started planning.

I don’t know if an Amazon Link for a post about book reviews would by definition be Germane or not. So here’s a G* Amazon Link: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, by Paige McKenzie and Alyssa Sheinmel. McKenzie has a YouTube channel about living in a haunted house. This was years before I became a YouTube addict (I mostly watch educational stuff. Mostly.) and I don’t remember if I’ve ever checked out her channel. Anyhow, based on this channel, McKenzie and Sheinmel wrote a trilogy about a girl who can see ghosts. It was really pretty good. I loaned my copy to Phoenix. Did I ever get it back?

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