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Olivia decided during her grade-school years that she wanted to travel everywhere.  She has made a good start, having visited almost 200 cities in seven different countries (provided you consider England, Scotland, and Wales to be separate countries).  This blog is her reminiscences of these trips, discussing trips she will be making from here on, and also mulling over other travel-related topics.  One of these travel-related topics is her ongoing attempt to read every National Geographic issue ever published.  Since National Geographic is still publishing, it is likely she will never finish this task, but she’s going to give it her best shot.

2 thoughts on “About Olivia”

  1. Hi Olivia I’m Liza.
    Help me with MY BOOK about who actually killed my father. Google: Evgeny Rukhin
    Or, order Ransom of Russian Art by John McPhee
    Or…haha read the Express News article from
    Sept. 2, 2012 (might be Sept. 1st) BUT keep in mind the paper never should have published it because I called them and told them it was all sorts of wrong.
    And send me a msg rukhina@gmail.com

    1. Your father was a very talented artist. Have you published your book anywhere or are you looking for help with editing and such?

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