Knit and Crochet Update

I said a while ago that I’m going to start knitting and crocheting again and I’ve stuck with that. Maybe I should make it a New Year’s Resolution. Lunar New Year, I guess, since I started in earnest in mid February.

Anyway, I’ve wanted a weighted blanket for a while. They recommend 1 pound (0.45 kg) of blanket for every 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of body weight. I would be crushed by the 15 pound (6.8 kg) ones that they sell in most places.

I saw an ad for a knit weighted blanket that cost more than $200, even for my size. So I started playing around with ideas.

I remembered that I made a very heavy crocheted blanket once upon a time. I thought I knew where it was, but when I looked, I couldn’t find it. I remembered that it had several rows of bobbles (multiple double-crochet stitches into one stitch and then combined back into one stitch) and thought that maybe the bobbles might be why it was so heavy.

I, or rather, my dad, found the blanket, but by then, I’d started on a project that is a blanket that’s all bobbles. I’ve been working on it for almost a month, and it’s 2.2 pounds (1 kg). It’s about 1/3 of the way done and I’m probably going to be adding a border so we’re looking at 7-ish pounds/3 kg.

Bobble Blanket as of March 5, 2022

I’m trying to keep to one project at a time. I’m thinking that my next project might be a knit cardigan called the Crooked River Cardigan next. It’s seamless, which is my preference for knitting projects. I hate having to piece things together.

I may do a cardigan and tank set instead. I have the yarn for that one, but would have to order yarn for the Crooked River Cardigan.

After that, Evelyn has asked me to make a bobble blanket for her.

Then we’ll see what I end up doing.

Germane Amazon Link today. This is another book from my knitting library, Kaffe’s Classics: 25 Glorious Knitting Designs. Kaffe Fassett’s designs are all colorwork, which is not my strong suit, to be frank. But I have made Kaffe’s Baclava design, albeit in different colors.