I Really Want a Map that Shows Where I’ve Been

I want this map specifically to use here.

So far, the best map of this type that I’ve found is the TripAdvisor map on Facebook.  However, I don’t think they’ll let me randomly post that map to websites.  Also, my TripAdvisor map has my real name attached to it.  To my knowledge, there are only two people in the world with my real name, so that’s a little too public for me.  You know, if my name were Jennifer Smith or something that there are thousands of, it’d be okay.  But not with as few people with my name as there are.

I considered starting a Facebook for this blog once.  I wonder how far into it I got.  I wonder if Facebook pages are allowed to use the TripAdvisor map.

Apparently, no, they are not.  When I searched for TripAdvisor while on the Facebook page for this blog, I got sent to my regular TripAdvisor map, zoomed out far enough that Hawaii shows up twice.  Not that that means anything; I just found it amusing.

Well, until I find a solution, I have been to 185 cities in 7 countries — TripAdvisor apparently considers England, Scotland, and Wales to be separate countries.

The TripAdvisor App on Facebook

I signed up for the TripAdvisor app on Facebook years ago.  I just went there to see if I could find some kind of sign-up date or something, to no avail.

At any rate, since my stated travel goal is to go “everywhere,” I figure that this would be a pretty good way to track.  I count a place as somewhere I’ve been if I’ve stayed overnight there, or if I’ve visited someone who lived there, or if I visited some kind of local attraction there.  There may be other criteria, but those are the main ones. Continue reading “The TripAdvisor App on Facebook”