You’ve Gotta Crawl Before You Can Run

Also: I’ve gotta learn how to apply makeup quickly

November 16, 2020 4 of 8

So I went in to get my fingers printed for my pharmacy technician license renewal and they needed to take a new photo. I basically only wear makeup for photos. I don’t object to makeup on any kind of philosophical ground or anything. It’s just that makeup has always made me break out and I’d rather have bare clean skin than cover up pimples with makeup.

So I recently bought some foundation and eye shadow in tubes, so that I can squeeze out just what I need, apply it with my clean hands, then wash my hands and never have to worry about contaminating the container or the application tools with germs from my face.

So that’s what I did today, and it took, oh, a good five minutes that I hadn’t planned for. I mean, that’s not much, but my usual skin care routine is wash face, apply sunscreen, and go. So, yeah.

If I’m going to start working on my makeup application skills, I wonder how long it’d take to do a full face? Would I have to start getting up two hours before I have to be somewhere, rather than an hour and a half? It’s a pity I can’t do it the night before and just stick it on my face in the morning or something.

Oh, well. I put makeup on today and maybe I’ll do it again someday. Or maybe not. We’ll see when we get there.

And for our Gratuitous Amazon Link, we have The Heroes of Olympus Book 5: The Blood of Olympus. I really do need to reread Riordan’s complete mythology series. They are so good. Also travel-y, which is huge as far as I’m concerned.

I Really Need to Stop Procrastinating

November 12, 2020 1 of 8

Although what I’m doing while procrastinating is kind of helpful for the long haul, I need to literally and figuratively get off my butt and do something more immediately productive.

I’ve basically spent the whole day reading comic books so that I can fill in those blanks in my Goodreads page.

Meanwhile, one of my friends has a sick dog and her paycheck was short this month, so I’ve just offered to spot her some money so she can take him to the vet.

Additionally, back in 2018, I found a pair of sandals I really loved (Earth Origins Nellie) and so I bought a bunch of them. By the time I found out that I was going to love them, the local DSW was sold out, so I had to scrounge what I could online. I ended up with one pair of black (the one I got at DSW), and one pair each blue, red, and brown. I wore the blue ones until they were just about worn out and the red ones until they were completely worn out. That means I wore the red ones for running around the house and things for a year or thereabouts. So the insole finally completely fell apart last night and so I’m changing to the brown ones.

Since I’m used to the sandals being red, every time I look at the brown ones I feel like my eyes’ color balance is off. It’s very disconcerting.

Since I realized how old these shoes are, I decided to see if I could still get them. I was very, very surprised to see that I actually still can. I honestly thought that my current pair was the last pair in the world. The store at has both black and white in my size, so I’m getting three black and two white. That should hold me until, well, if they last as long as the ones I got in 2018 did, 2022?

Boy, that added up fast. But for two years’ worth of comfortable sandals? I think it’ll be worth it.

I had to go back and look over all of my soon-to-be posted posts to see if I can figure out where I left off on Gratuitous Amazon Links. It looks like I was on the first Squirrel Girl compilation so, I bring you: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 2: Squirrel You Know It’s True, by Ryan North, Dan Slott, Erica Henderson, Matt Haley, Kieron Dwyer, and Ty Templeton

One of these days I need to go back through my Gratuitous Amazon Links and make sure that they are still good and that they lead to the books that I’m intending them to. That day will not be today, because I’m trying to focus on writing. Maybe I’ll do NaNoEdMo this March and do it then.