My Travel Memories, Lexington (and probably Louisville), Kentucky

This is going to be a short one, because I don’t remember much.  I’m not even sure that Lexington was our next stop after Springfield.  At this point in our 1980 vacation, we took one of my dad’s road trips with him.  The cities he needed to visit and thus we covered were Lexington, Louisville, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Detroit.  Lexington might have been the day that my mom and I sat in the car outside the building where my dad was working.  Or was that Louisville?  Literally all I remember of those two cities was dinner.  In Louisville, we went to an Italian restaurant, I think.

And then there was dinner in Lexington.  We had dinner at a dinner theater in Lexington.  I was a young teenager and had been to the theater, by my count, around four times before, but this may have been my first dinner theater experience. As we left the theater, I saw a sort of receiving line for the actors and, figuring that this was the thing to do, I got in line.  I told them that I had had a good time and that they had done a good job.  My mom was pretty surprised by this, since I was kind of a shy kid.  But I figured “when in Rome,” and the Romans seemed to be doing this, so why not?

Since I don’t remember the order we actually visited the cities in, I threw them into Google Maps and will be doing them in that order.  So, next up (January 12?) will be Cincinnati, followed by Columbus and then Detroit.

ETA: I had the worst time scheduling this post.  First I forgot to schedule it at all, so it appeared for a minute as a new post, and then I accidentally scheduled it for January 4, 2015.  It should be okay now.

I Am So Confused

So, I just recently wrote up my My Travel Memories for Lexington (and maybe Louisville) Kentucky.  My photo album has us going through Springfield in 1980 and then has some things from Lexington.  In the process of scanning in postcards, I found one that my mom mailed to me, postmarked 1983, that references our first trip to Cincinnati.

But all of the photos of Cincinnati that I can find are from 1987.  Our 1980 photo album abruptly jumps to my first date, in 1982, after Lexington.

So, after discussing possibilities with my dad, we have come to the conclusion that the trip to Cincinnati referenced in that postcard must have been in 1980.  If I eventually find some evidence that it was in some other year (despite Cincinnati being out of the way for any of our other destinations) I will change it, but the way things stand now, it sure looks like we were there in 1980, so I will write it that way.  I think we also went to Detroit that year, and perhaps Cleveland, as well.