The Try Guys Show, Austin, Texas, July 20, 2019

Comic Sans project, post 3

Frank and I went to the Try Guys show in July. I’m not real sure where this started, actually. I think it was when one of my friends posted some “study” showing that people who go to live concerts live longer*. So since I’m in a concert-going phase right now, I figured “let’s see who’s coming to town.” And I saw that the Try Guys were touring. Something else was happening that kept me from going to the San Antonio show, but they were doing a show in Austin the next night. And I was free that night.

I’m not really ashamed, as such, that I’m not a longstanding Try Guys fan. When I saw that they were touring, I was, like, “Those are those guys who did the drunk driving thing, aren’t they? They’re pretty funny.” And then I binge-watched their entire oeuvre (well, all of the videos since they left Buzzfeed. I think I did a bunch of the ones from their Buzzfeed era, as well). And, yeah. I loved them.

So I asked Frank if he liked them, because I’d get another ticket for him if he wanted me to. He did. So, since his house is on my way from my house to Austin, I drove and picked him up on the way.

I was kind of stressed out, since there are basically two drives between San Antonio and Austin – relaxing and time-consuming or fast and congested. And since the fast and congested route is congested, if there’s a wreck on the way, the choice can end up being relaxing and time-consuming or congested and time-consuming.

As an aside, a friend in Austin and I are expecting a visit from one of our friends from Maryland this coming summer and I suggested the relaxing and time-consuming route – US 290 West to US 281 South – when she drives from visiting our friend in Austin to San Antonio. Right now, that route takes 40 more minutes than going straight down I-35, but it takes you through Dripping Springs and Blanco. It does get congested as you get into San Antonio, but once you’re in the city proper, it speeds up a bit. Plus, if she’ll be staying downtown, US 281 goes just past the eastern edge of downtown San Antonio. I-35 goes past the western edge of downtown, but there’s all these interchanges and stuff and it’s kind of a mess. But I digress. Back to the Try Guys.

Frank and my first experience with the show kind of throws the difference in our attitudes into sharper relief. I bought tickets for the balcony, because neither one of us is made of money. We went up to the balcony and it was empty except for the guy running the sound board. While we stumbled around in the dark, the sound board guy must have called for an usher to come get us. Turns out that everyone who was in the balcony had been moved down to the back of the main floor at the concert hall and no one had told us.

I was horribly embarrassed. Frank was more than a little put out. We got our new tickets, though, and got our seats. We got there quite a bit ahead of time so I had lots of time to look around and notice that Eugene’s dad, Jae, was at the show. Frank wasn’t as big a fan as I am, so he didn’t recognize Jae at first. I had to dig up a picture of him on my phone and we had to wait for him to stand up again before he could see what I meant. We will be seeing Jae again later in the show.

While I think that Zach may be my favorite (though it’s a close contest) , I liked the Tryceratops in Ned’s pink color best.

I purposefully stayed unspoiled about the show, which caused a bit of anxiety on my part. The name of the show was “Legends of the Internet” and the guys came out and started singing about memes and things and I was kind of tense, wondering if that’s all it was going to be. Fortunately, it wasn’t.

Each of the guys were legends of a particular Internet-related topic. Keith was the Legend of Food, Ned was the Legend of Love, Zach was the Legend of Fun, and Eugene was the Legend of Gay (the show in Austin was less than a month after Eugene’s coming out video).

The whole thing started out with a Try Guys Game Time where a young woman from the audience came up on stage for a game of Fuck Marry Kill. Since their voices are distinctive, the sound board guy disguised their voices.

As the Legend of Food, Keith threw pieces of chicken into the audience for us to share. I say “us,” although not everyone got any chicken. The idea was for the chicken to be broken into small enough pieces that everyone would get some, but a few people declined to share (or so Keith said). Frank and I were some of the ones who didn’t get chicken. Oh, and in Boston, one of the pieces of chicken hit a chandelier and damaged it.

As the Legend of Love, Ned had a dance contest for dads. This is where Jae comes in. Since Eugene’s dad was there, they had the usual number of dads from the audience and they added Jae in to make it, if I recall correctly, five dads. Jae did not win the dance contest.

As the Legend of Fun, Zach did a Try Guys slash fiction story where the sexy bits were replaced by references to cars. So there were stick shifts instead of penises and things like that. He also showed us the tattoo of a smiley face he has on his buttock.

And as the Legend of Gay, Eugene did a dance and lipsync number in an outfit that kind of defies description. As he went through the history of homosexuality in the media (both through gay icons and through non-gay personalities that are associated with the gay community, like Judy Garland), his outfit changed, like a Transformer you can wear. It was fascinating.

The show was amazing and I had a wonderful time. I’m also procrastinating over a cover letter for them. They said in one of their videos that they don’t have a research department. Well, I’m a librarian, so I’d make a great research department. Will I ever actually send them my resume? Tune in, possibly never, and we’ll find out.

This Gratuitous Amazon Link is actually less gratuitous than usual. It is, in fact, the Try Guys’s book, The Hidden Power of F*cking Up. I bought my copy almost as soon as I knew it existed and didn’t realize until I got to the show that they were selling autographed copies. I didn’t have that much money to spare (see why we almost ended up in the balcony), so I’ll just have the one, unautographed, copy.

It’s 1:30 in the morning as I write this, so I’m going to be heading off to bed now. I’m off tomorrow and I think I might go downtown. Maybe I can check out the archaeological dig at the Alamo. I also need to see if I can find a good picture from the Try Guys show to post here.

And Alex and I went to the LBJ National Monument a couple of weeks ago. I still have the Maluma concert and a B-52s concert to write up. And Facebook keeps offering me an opportunity to promote one post for free. I have to come up with something amazing for that. God only knows what, though.

So, if I can come up with something good on the archaeological dig, that’s four or five more blog posts. I think I still have an hour or two of 24 Hours of Happy to post.

Wow, maybe the Comic Sans thing is working.

*The “study” was done by a company that owns venues where they have concerts. No ulterior motive there.

Thinking About Not Giving Up

I was going to write about the Try Guys concert that Frank and I went to, but now I’m thinking about writing about writing.

While trying to figure out if I should give up, I was reading an article about writing and it said that a “good writer” is distinguished by their ability to edit and re-edit their work. And I don’t really do multiple drafts of things, so maybe I’m not a good writer by that standard.

I do edit as I write, though (n.b. — I moved that sentence from the end of the previous paragraph to the beginning of this one as I was posting this into the WordPress interface, so I guess I do do some editing). I wonder if there is a freeware dictation app that’s any good. Because I would certainly be interested in my thought process as I write. I don’t generally sit down and make it up as I sit there (wow, that was a bad sentence, but I’m going to leave it just so you can see what I mean). I tend to write as I do other things and by the time I sit down, I’ve mostly decided on what I think is the best way to phrase what I want to say. This is the tactic I used on all of my papers in grad school, btw, and I graduated with a 3.16 or so GPA, so I guess it works.

If I had a decent dictation app, I could do this process out loud and have the app translate it for me on the fly and then I could publish exactly what my thought process is and how many different versions of a particular sentence I go through before I “(fix it) in a tangible form.”

I’m not sure where all I was going with this, but I’ve started looking at speech to text apps to see if I can actually do what I’m contemplating. We’ll see how that works out.

And I forgot my Gratuitous Amazon Link last time. Wasn’t I just going through the works of Rick Riordan? I think I’d only done The Lightning Thief, so here’s the second in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, The Sea of Monsters. This is one of my favorite books in the whole series (though that’s a hard decision to make, since I love all of the books that Riordan has written). I haven’t reread this series in a long time. Maybe I’ll make time for it again soon.

Thinking about Giving Up

This is probably going to be a huge mistake but what the hell. I’ve actually had friends tell me that writing in Comic Sans helped them overcome their writer’s block so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I’ve had a lot of doubts about this blog lately. I sent the link to it to one of my best friends and he never mentioned it again. Every time I think about it, I think that I must really suck if it’s so bad that he didn’t even say, “Don’t give up your day job.” And I’m really scared to ask him what he thought about it. I mean, maybe he forgot. And that would be okay, because you know, he has a life. But if he forgot, then he’d be embarrassed and I’m the type who feels it really strongly when someone I care about is hurt or embarrassed. It might even be more painful for me than it would be for him.

And what if he didn’t forget? What if he read it and it really is horrible? I mean, I love my blog and I love writing and I had a bunch of friends from my fanfic writing days who liked my writing. One of my friends had an occasional writing contest (voted on by the readers) and I never got the top prize, but I usually got *a* prize. So I can craft a sentence that makes sense. I think.

I have to admit that I’m crying a little right now. I’m so scared that I’m wasting my time and that I should just pack it in.

I’m going to give it one more try. Really try to stick with it through 2020 and see where it gets me. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll make a success out of this.

Oh, and the Comic Sans thing? Seems to be working so far. For whatever that’s worth.