The Temperaturepocalypse Is Coming

They’re predicting really cold temperatures for tomorrow (by the time I post this, it’ll be “today,” since it’s 11:26 pm right now.

I’m stocking up on stuff that will be useful if the temperaturepocalypse brings along with it the collapse of the power grid. I bought an indoor-safe propane heater but so far I only have picked up two canisters of propane. So, I picked up some tealights so that we can try making one of those radiant heaters out of tea lights and clay plant pots.

I figure if nothing else, we can use the propane heater in my dad’s living room and take turns using the clay pot heater to take the chill off our bathrooms or something like that.

The only pots I could find are pretty large, so I don’t know how well they’ll work. They were also pretty gross, so I’m bleaching them in the sink.

Crap! I literally just remembered my phone batteries. I’ll be right back after I plug one of them in to charge it up


I’m using a pretty strong bleach solution on those pots, so they may well be clean enough to eat off of by the time I finish with them.

On the third hand, I have a pretty small pot that I’m using to try to root a piece of my plumeria plant. Maybe I should use that and my smaller big pot for the heater.

Nah. Let’s stick with Plan A for now.

I also picked up some foot warmers to put in my shoes to keep my feet warm. I get a mild case of Raynaud’s phenomenon when I get cold, so even though I love going for a walk on a chilly day, I have to be kind of careful.

Raynaud’s is when the tips of your fingers and toes turn white from cold. I figure mine isn’t so bad, since it can turn your fingers and toes blue, and my fingers and toes have never turned blue.

I’m pretty sure it’s primary Raynaud’s, since secondary Raynaud’s usually comes with autoimmune problems, and I’ve never been diagnosed with lupus or anything.

So, if I go for a walk tomorrow, I can put those in my shoes and hopefully stave off my Raynaud’s. And I do hope to go for a walk tomorrow. The biggest issue is that the ground will probably be icy tomorrow, so I won’t really want to drive anywhere. Fortunately, I’ve got a park within walking distance of my house and can get from there to the Salado Creek Greenway without having to walk along the street. However, I would have to walk along the street to get to the park.

So. It’s now nearly 1 am on Thursday, February 3, and it’s thundering outside. Since I’m trying to post a blog every day this month, I won’t be actually posting this until 12:30 am on February 4. By then, we’ll know what, if anything, comes of temperaturepocalypse.

I may write another post in the morning, or maybe I’ll queue up my second COVID post for the 5th. At any rate, I’ll see y’all later and, oh, blast. I need a Gratuitous Amazon Link don’t I? Where was I? In the middle of 2020, I think.

Welp, I’m going to go back to late 2019. I don’t remember doing The Strangers by Margaret Peterson Haddix, so there you go. The Strangers is the first book in the Greystone Secrets series. Chess, Emma, and Finn discover one day that three kids with their same first and middle names and their same birthdates have been kidnapped. Soon afterwards, their mom has to go on a business trip and leaves them with a stranger. This begins the Greystone kids on a science fiction adventure that I’ve really loved so far. I haven’t read the third book, but I did just finish The Deceivers, the second book, and it looks like this is going to go some fascinating places.

Now, to schedule this before a power line goes down and we end up in darkness. See you tomorrow, probably.

Covid Diary Part 1 (of Probably 3)

I’m writing three posts regarding my COVID journey. My three posts will be “I have COVID” and how I found out (which I haven’t even written yet), “My living and quarantine situations,” and “Entertainment,” which will include what I’m doing/going to do with this laptop.

Now, how did I find that I have COVID? As I may have mentioned before, I have asthma. My two biggest triggers are allergies and illness, and one of the biggest allergic triggers I have is “mountain cedar,” which is technically Ashe juniper. Mountain cedar levels have been pretty high lately, but I’ve also been pretty good about my Flonase, which usually helps a lot. I was coughing on Thursday and mostly wrote it off as a little bit of mountain cedar, but it was in the back of my head that it might be COVID, since that happened about five years ago. I had a cough in January that year that I was sure was mountain cedar and it turned out I was actually sick.

Then late on Friday, my knees started to really hurt, and when I sat down to check it out, I realized that it was actually the lower part of my thighs, like, my biceps femoris, maybe? At any rate, it was muscular pain, and even when it’s an illness that doesn’t cause muscle pain, my legs will hurt when I’m sick. And COVID does cause muscle pain.

I knew I should have tested Friday night, but I cheated and did it Saturday afternoon. Pikmin Bloom Community Day was Saturday and I knew I could get my 10,000 steps in in my neighborhood without having close contact with anyone, so that’s what I did. I knocked that out between 11 and 12:30, then I did the at-home test. Five minutes into the 15-minute wait, I could see the line indicating infection forming.

So I ordered some food, bottled water, and rubber gloves from Walmart for curbside pickup and began to gather my food and entertainment options and filled out the registration form for the urgent care we go to for testing. By 2:30 pm, I had an official diagnosis.

Normally, I’d’ve sent Alex on the errand to pick up the food and my prescriptions, but Alex also has COVID. He moved out over a year ago, so neither of us could have caught it from the other, but boy what lousy timing!

I took some things to him on Friday night and told him that there was a good chance I had it, too, and if I was sure I’d’ve given him a hug, but didn’t want to take the chance just in case. And now I know that I could’ve given him a hug and I’m chagrined, to say the least.

So after I returned from picking up my food and my medications, I grabbed another couple of things (maybe this is where I found the laptop that I wrote this on?) and was sequestered by 6:30 pm. I had a bunch of jackets piled on my bed and one of those stairstepper thingies on my floor, but after I’d locked all of that in my closet, the room was much less claustrophobic.

And now I’m living in a world that’s mostly without time. My only form of time is my Medrol dosepak. I have to eat four times daily, to ensure that I have food in my stomach when I take the pills, so that I don’t feel nauseated. Well, that was for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, at least. Wednesday I go down to three times daily.

Hopefully I’ll develop a sense of time by then.

Welcome to February 2022

I’m going to take another stab at a NaNoWriMo-type output for the month. However, I am going to cheat a bit. You see, I have a circa 2011 laptop that has one long stream-of-consciousness post that I will probably edit into at least three individual posts on my recent bout of COVID. I’m finally out and about at my desktop computer because I just did an at-home test and got a negative test.


During my illness, I did a lot of reading, a lot of knitting, and a lot of wrestling with the laptop. I the laptop to connect to the Internet and almost got the laptop to the point where I can watch YouTube videos and DVDs on it, but there was just no way I could get it to work.

Alex has been working on computers lately, so I may see if he can take a stab at it and speed it up so that I can use it for things. It is also incredibly heavy. Why am I trying to knit a 12-pound weighted blanket when I can just sleep under my 7-pound laptop?

I finally gave up and after I went back to work, I ordered a new portable DVD player. Now if I ever find my old one, Alex and I can have dueling DVD players when we travel. Now I’m working on a Chinese series I bought on DVD — The Bratty/Mischievous/Unruly/Crafty Princess (isn’t Chinese great?). Basically, it’s about a young woman who disguises herself as a man to help a refugee community in ancient China. She and the new young Emperor fall in love and it turns out that the young woman, it turns out, is the daughter of the previous Emperor, thus “Princess.” And the schemes she gets up to to help the refugees are what qualifies her as Bratty/Mischievous/Unruly/Crafty.

I watched the first ten or so episodes, then Thomas and I split up and the DVDs ended up shelved. So, like, 12 years later, I’m tackling it again. I’m having more trouble with the spoken language than I did back then, but the reading is much easier.

So, now that I’m out of quarantine, you know what that means? I can start walking again!

Also going back to the gym. I hope. The last couple of months at work were pretty rough, and I just was so sore afterwards. I compared it to, like, when you’ve been in a car accident and are sore all over? Yeah. So now things have settled down a bit and I’m over COVID, so let’s see how it goes.