Speaking of Photography

I’ve been contemplating what to do for offsite storage of my photographs, because there are no guarantees that the originals, or the copy I keep on my external hard drive, or the copy that I keep on my C: drive won’t all be lost.  I started out pricing cloud storage options and trying to extrapolate how much space I might need in the future (bearing in mind that I’m about 75% done with this project and I take new photographs every week and that my photograph directory is currently at 62 gig).  I finally just bought a 64-gig SD card, copied almost all of my photographs to it (the SD card had 59 gig of space on it, so something had to give and that thing was the pictures from my phone because they’re already backed up on Google’s servers) and stuck it in my safe deposit box.

Now, of course, since the pictures from my phone are currently 7 gig, I will certainly outgrow a 64-gig SD card by the time I’ve scanned everything in, so once I’m done-done, I will probably need another two SD cards for the pretty-much-final backup.  I hope my dad finds our photo album from our Canada trip before I finish the boxes that I’m currently working on.  I would, of course, feel obliged to back those up after scanning them in, which will take another SD card.

At the moment, I now have 4,764 photos and 135 postcards scanned in.


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