My Travel Memories: Springfield, Illinois

I don’t think we stayed in Springfield very long.  I remember going to Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site, which is another historical town recreation, similar to Williamsburg.  This one made more of an impression, I think, because a television miniseries had been filmed here just prior to our visit.  I cannot for the life of me remember what miniseries it had been, but at least I had some frame of reference for the buildings, aside from “these are recreations of buildings that were here when Abraham Lincoln lived here in the mid-1800s.”

We also toured the house that Abraham Lincoln had lived in when he and Mary Todd Lincoln lived in Springfield.  It was, as they all are, really, a house.

Illinois State Capitol in the late 1970s
The Illinois State Capitol (not from our 1980 vacation, but from an earlier business trip that my dad took)

I don’t remember going into either the Illinois State Capitol building or the Old State Capitol Historic Site, but I do remember seeing the outside of both.  I think we may have just driven through Springfield on our way to our next destination, Lexington, Kentucky.

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