My Travel Memories, Door County, Wisconsin

During our trip to Wisconsin, we spent a day touring Door County.  If you look at a map of Wisconsin, Door County is that thumb that sticks up into Lake Michigan.

Door County is full of small towns that are, well, not so ethnically diverse.  The population is largely white and largely of Scandinavian descent.  It is a beautiful place, though, and is home to 11 lighthouses (all of my pictures of which are with my now-ex).  We walked around in a park and my mom thought that it looked like it would be a nice place to live.  I thought it might be nice for a while, but that I’d go nuts being so far from a city.

We also went to a fish boil.  Watching the fish being cooked was really fascinating. They put the fish in a basket and put the basket in boiling water.  Then they put some kind of fuel on the fire beneath the pot and the fire flares up.  Unfortunately, the eating of the food is less exciting.  It tasted okay, but it lacked a certain something.  I also had the really disconcerting experience that no matter how much I ate, the amount of food didn’t seem to decrease at all. This led my primary memory of the fish boil being my mother grousing at me because I wasn’t eating. I’m glad I did it the one time, but it wasn’t the kind of experience I’d ever care to have again.

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