The Goodreads Awards . . . Thingy

Goodreads Choice Awards! That’s the name!

Anyway, the first round of voting is open for 2021 and I might actually remember to participate this year!

I usually either miss it completely or just make it for the final round or have been too busy catching up on old books to actually have read any of the books up for voting.

For example, in 2020, I’d read a whole four of the books that were in the running. Two of them — Mexican Gothic, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and The Tower of Nero, by Rick Riordan — won in their categories.

In 2019, I’d read one of the nominees — The Tyrant’s Tomb, by Rick Riordan.

This year, thanks to the Fantastic Strangelings Book Club, I’ve read five, count them, five, of the nominees in Fantasy. I had to make a decision for probably the first time in the history of the Goodreads Choice Awards. I’m really impressed with myself, even though I had the help of Jenny Lawson in achieving this goal.

The second round starts November 30. Let’s see if I remember to vote in that one.

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