I Missed a Day

But I’m back now.

Why did I miss yesterday?

It was just a long day, I guess. I worked yesterday. . . . Oh! I tried to get to bed early last night because Evelyn and I were planning on going to the art museum today and so I wanted to get up pretty early so that I could have breakfast with my dad before going to the museum. So I ended up deciding to go to bed rather than staying up to write.

Apropos of nothing aside from my sleep habits, I dreamed about clothing. I dreamed that I was buying a lime-green sleeveless shirt with a collar, and a fuchsia sweater, and an electric blue shirt of some other style to go with a lime green, fuchsia, and electric blue plaid skirt.

And now that I’m awake, I think I actually did have a plaid skirt in similar colors. My mom and I bought coordinating outfits sometime in the 1980s. I got a blue and fuchsia plaid skirt (I don’t remember any lime green) and my mom got a skirt in the same style in blue. We got gauze shirts in the same style in colors that matched the skirts. I loved that outfit.

I am thinking more in fashiony terms these days. I have a pile of black knit pants in varying levels of fading that I wore as work pants for years and I’m thinking of turning them into half as many black skirts. What I’m thinking about doing is cutting the side seams of the legs of one pair, and then cutting the legs off of another pair, cutting the legs of that pair into four congruent triangles, sewing them into the place where the side seams used to be, and then hemming the whole mess at an attractive length.

Let’s call the four skirt sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. I figure that if A, C, E, and G are one shade of black and B, D, F, and H are another, it should look intentional.

And if this works, rather than eight pairs of pants that I won’t wear, I’ll have four skirts that I will.

Today’s Gratuitous Amazon Link is Princess Academy, by Shannon Hale. In the land of Danland, whenever the heir to the throne comes of age, the priests use divination to find which village the next queen will come from, and then they set up a school for the girls of that village. Usually, the purpose of the school is merely to teach etiquette and things to the girls so that whichever girl the heir chooses will know how to comport herself as queen. This time, however, the priests have said that the future queen lives in a small village where most of the population can’t even read or write. So this time the school will need to be a school in truth.