In Which I Find the Shortcomings of My Nightly Blog Post Dictation

Okay I’m walking later than usual tonight. It was really hot out today, and well, with Mila living in my bedroom now, I was using my phone as a computer and my battery ran really far down. Then I had to wait for my battery to recharge. So now it is 930 in the evening and I’m just getting around to doing some writing now. I may not have much to say because, well, it’s late and I’ve been writing pretty steadily lately, so my topics are kind of running thin.

And this is now much I was able to comprehend on this blog post. And thus, we learn that there is a time limit to how long I can let a blog post sit between dictating it and editing it for publication.

I guess it’s kind of like Gregg shorthand in that way. I took two classes in it and never *was* able to make sense out of it. I spent too much time thinking of what I was writing, and didn’t just let it flow, but even for people who could successfully Gregg, I was told that only the person who did the Gregging could read it and after a short time it would often become meaningless even to the person who Gregged it.

Gratuitous Amazon Link time! Today we’re back to an old favorite author, Jenny Lawson. I think I’ve already posted this, but I don’t think I can post it too often. Today’s book is Broken (In the Best Possible Way). Just an amazing book about mental illness and thriving despite it.

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