I Got My Flu Shot on Saturday

And my arm’s still a little sore. I didn’t have any side effects, though, so there’s that.

I only have had side effects to a flu shot a couple of times. However, COVID boosters usually leave me flat on my hind end, so I figured that scheduling my flu shot for a day when I had the next day off would be a good thing.

And since I didn’t have a reaction, I got to run errands on Sunday. I took an extra copy of Broken (In the Best Possible Way), by Jenny Lawson (Germane Amazon Link!), to a friend.* Then I went to the HEB Central Market and got a loaf of olive bread. Then I went to Michaels and ordered a shadow box made for my fan and invitation from Phoenix’s wedding so that I could display them.

So that got one book out of my house and provided containment for two mementos. I will have this house looking like a home goods catalog yet. Or maybe not.

*How’d I end up with an extra copy? I bought one from Powell’s to participate in the virtual book tour for the book. Phoenix is a fan of Jenny’s writing, so I wanted to get a personalized autographed copy for her for her birthday, but they weren’t taking orders for personalized copies at the time. So I bought a regular autographed copy just in case, but ended up not needing it because they started taking orders again in time for her birthday.

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