We Just Got Back From New York

My son and I had a fantastic (and exhausting!) time on our trip.  My travel tends to be jam-packed with activity.  With the exception of Saturday, when we went to visit some friends in Philadelphia, we did at least two things every day of our trip.  We also walked, on average, 11 miles every day.

It was amazing, and fun, and I got both a lot of exercise and quite a bit of sun (and yet my skin is still the same color it was when I left).  I hope my son learned a thing or two while we were out there in the big city, as well.

Over the next few weeks I will be talking some about our destinations, of course.  I will also be sharing some information on how we got from one place to another as well.

But for now, I am exhausted and I have to get back to work tomorrow, so I’ll be saying good-night for now.

1/12/2019 On or around November 28, 2018, I realized that I need to start monetizing this blog. To that end, I’m starting to put what I call Gratuitous Amazon Links into my posts. As of January 12, 2019, I’m going back to add GALs to my older posts. If I can’t find anything exactly on-topic to the post, I’m choosing from among the highest-rated items on the same topic as the post. For example, for a post on a park, I’ll search Amazon for books on parks and choose one of the ones with the highest reader ratings. Here is the GAL for this post, since we’d just returned from New York: Humans of New York: Stories Kindle Edition, by Brandon Stanton