My relationship with walking goes back to just after my first birthday party.  I was an only child and my only cousins near my age lived miles and miles away.  There also were not a lot of kids on my block, so I never saw any toddlers until that party.  To hear my mom tell it, I saw these people my own size (and my own age, literally.  The party was for my mom’s suitemates from the hospital where I was born) walking around seemed to give me a chance to really observe what they were doing and copy it.

My relationship with walking on trips doesn’t go back nearly as far.  During most of my trips to Florida and North Carolina, we spent a lot of time in cars.  We did occasionally walk, like when we would go to a state park or the time we climbed to the top of the mountain that my grandfather’s cabin was on once, but other than that there wasn’t much walking being done. Continue reading “Walking”