13 Days Until NaNoWriMo

This morning it hit me — why I’ve been dreaming about fish tanks.

At first, I thought “I’m trapped.” But that didn’t make sense. Then I thought it might be Evelyn describing our pharmacy as a fishbowl. I mean, I do spend 40 hours a week there. And then with the plexiglass closing us in now?

Then while I was walking in to work, I was playing Wizards Unite and I rescued a dragony thing. Part of my fish tank related dream last night was about having too many fish in the tank, including a bunch of snakes. And the way the dragon thing was moving around reminded me of the snakes in the dream.

And that’s when, as I said, it hit me. My fish tank dreams are pretty recent. I’ve felt trapped before. I’ve worked in the pharmacy for eight years.

Like, my dream was about having too many fish and having to reluctantly go out to get a bigger tank. What’s been on my mind a lot? Having too many Pokemon and trying to make space *without* buying more space.

One of my first fish tank dreams, in fact, was about being in charge of some kind of fish tank laboratory and, well, part of the conceit of Pokemon Go is the “research” into Pokemon behavior. So there you go. Laboratory? Research? That certainly seems to go together.

Now if only I could figure out why I dreamed that I was in high school and was storing my locker stuff in my dryer, I’d be in business.

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