14 Days Until NaNoWriMo

I’ve hit a milestone in my writing career. Now that I’m making myself write for this countdown thing, I just cleaned up in order to procrastinate about my writing. Sort of.

Well, you see, since I recently posted about wanting to be festive this year, I realized that putting up a damn Christmas tree would be a start.

Only, the room where my Christmas tree goes (I do actually have a Christmas tree — I got it from HEB for $20 in 2008) is full of Alex’s boxes. So I moved my three bags of books to sell at Half-Price Books into my trunk and asked Alex if I could move some of his boxes into his old bedroom.

I can’t get to the window yet, but I’ll get there. I do, after all, have more than a month to go.

Next up: Digging the box that has my Christmas decorations out of the garage.

For our Gratuitous Amazon Link today, we have The Thirty Names of Night, by Zeyn Joukhadar. The Thirty Names of Night is a magical realism book about birds, transgenderism, and the Syrian diaspora, not necessarily in that order. Our protagonist is a closeted trans boy who has shed his birth name and is looking for his chosen name. For this reason, no one ever uses a name for him until he chooses his own. Warning! The Amazon summary spoils the name that the protagonist chooses for himself, so if you want to go through his journey unspoiled, be careful.

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