4 Days Until NaNoWriMo

So. Things are changing.

I had to have Deimos put down at 1:15 this morning. His blood work looked okay, aside from the anemia, so they put him in an oxygen tent to try to boost his, well, oxygen levels, since his blood wasn’t carrying as much as it should have been.

Then there were a bunch of emergency, emergencies. And then at 12:00 this morning, he went into cardiac arrest. I’d authorized one round of CPR so that I could give him a chance to fight if he wanted to and so they did that one round of CPR and by the time they got his heart started, he was unresponsive. The vet thinks that he had severe brain damage from the lack of oxygen and may even have been “brain dead.”

And while they were doing the CPR, the vet found a tumor that had ruptured and was bleeding. So that explains the anemia.

I can’t have any more cats or dogs, at least for the foreseeable future, so I’m going to ramp down a bit on the foreign language studying and focus on writing. If I can make this blog take off and/or can write that book, then maybe I’ll be on my way to being able to pay off my mortgage.

I’m not going to stop my foreign language learning entirely, of course. I am still going to have my phone set on a language and keep up with Duolingo and converse where I can. But since I want to spend a lot of November talking about the Wheel of Time, I’m no longer listening to foreign language stuff in the car. Instead, I’m listening to Michael Kramer, Kate Reading, and Robert Jordan.

A Gratuitous Amazon Link today, and one that I will probably post several times in November: The Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan. I’d’ve linked to the Audible version, but the Audible version is more than $40, for some unknown reason. I swear I paid less than that when I bought it before. So. The Kindle version.

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