3 Days Until NaNoWriMo

I removed Deimos’s litter boxes today.

I realized today that the last time I did these things — removing the litter boxes and food and water bowls of a deceased cat, my next cat was one of the loves of my life. So, maybe once I’ve healed up from this loss, amazing feline things await.

Of course, since all cats are best cat, this is entirely likely.

I always said that I wouldn’t subscribe to Audible and would, rather, buy one book at a time. However, I cannot figure out how to buy the audiobook of The Great Hunt *without* subscribing. So, I broke down and subscribed. I have a four-month trail thingy for half-price and I got The Great Hunt* for my free book for the first month. I’m going to pace the purchases of the other 12 Wheel of Time books over that four-month period so that three of them are the ones included in the subscription and I only have to pay for the . . . other . . . nine. Then I’ll cancel my subscription.

Anyway, I only have, like, two and a half hours of The Eye of the World to go, and then I’ll be ready for Eye of the World-related blog posts in November. Yay!

*Germane Amazon Link. Kindle again this time.

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