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In order to monetize my YouTube channel (I would like to make money here, but I am starting this YouTube channel specifically to make money), my videos need to be a particular length.

My first attempt is going to be a longish short. I think I’m going to have Alex stitch the short pieces together and just post it as-is, then once I’ve had a year or so of posting under my belt, I’m going to try the same video so that we can see how much/if my skills have improved.

I think maybe I need to do a trailer or something just to get my feet wet on longer videos. I want to write up a script on my history with regard to San Antonio and then sit down with Alex and go over historical photos of the city (and thus those that are in the public domain) to weave the two together in a way that makes sense and also reaches the time limit to monetize the video.


Today’s Gratuitous Amazon Link is The Runaways, by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. I have long loved Snyder’s writing. And the fact that her books span so many genres doesn’t hurt either. The Runaways is a book about Dani and her friends Stormy and Pixie. Dani hates the town of Rattler Springs, Nevada, where she and her mother live, and she very much wants to go home to California. Stormy wants, for reasons of his own, to go with her. Pixie has a “big imagination” and also has enough money to help Dani and Stormy with their plans to escape. Snyder wrote The Runaways in 2000, when I was already an adult, but I’m sure I would have loved it just as much had it come out when I was a kid.

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