Current Project — Historical Photographs!

I will probably wonder until my dying day what happened to the photos Thomas and I took between our wedding and the purchase of our first digital camera, which I think was a Sony Mavica from 1997.

I mean, they should be around here somewhere. Right?

What I really would like is pictures we took of San Antonio in 1993 through 1997.

I don’t know where our earliest digital photos are. I suspect that Thomas has them somewhere.

What I would like to do, both here and on my YouTube channel, is compare public domain historical pictures (so prior to 1928) with my own photos, the older the better. I’m currently going through the photo collection from the University of Texas at San Antonio

I will probably go and take current pictures of all of these places for comparison purposes. But having a 1920 picture, a 1994 picture, and a 2023 picture would be even better.

I’m going to have a semi-Germane Amazon Link today, Miraflores, San Antonio’s Mexican Garden of Memory, by Anne Elise Urritia. I’m linking to the paperback version simply because there are a lot of photos, maps, diagrams, etc, and I think it might be easier to flip back and forth in a physical copy. I’ve long been fascinated by Miraflores, which sits along Hildebrand Road near Broadway, and so when I saw a book on it with historical photos, I snatched it right up. Miraflores is owned by the city now, and maybe someday I can safely go and explore it.

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