Running Ads on This Site

November 29, 2020 1 of (probably) 1

I’m going to post this immediately rather than scheduling it for later.

Out of curiosity, I looked at Google AdSense again and apparently I haven’t lost that account. So I’m now trying to figure out how to get AdSense ads to run here.

Maybe I will make some money on this site someday . . .

Our Gratuitous Amazon Link for today is Witches Abroad, by Terry Pratchett, the 12th Discworld book and one that features the Witches.

There Was Something I Was Supposed to Do Today

November 22, 2020 3 of 8

I was going to go and pick up bagels, I know that. I was supposed to go walking, I know that, too.

Oh! I was going to go to Michaels (I keep forgetting that there’s no apostrophe in “Michaels.”) to get epoxy resin. I thought about stopping last night, but I was tired. Evelyn and I took the dogs to the Pearl for Pokemon Go Community Day.

I wonder if I can get resin at my store?

And the answer to that is “no.” Just Bondo. I guess I’ll have to go to Michaels.

You see, there’s a project that I’ve been sitting on for, oh, two years now? And I thought that my fails would make blog content. Maybe not good blog content, but blog content nonetheless.

Well, I haven’t really *sat* on it. Let me explain.

When I lost Foxy (and when I say “lost,” I’m not just avoiding saying “had her put down,” we had to put her down because of ‘doggie dementia,’ so she was gone before I had that done), I promised myself that I would make a pendant out of her fur and a copy of the tag from her harness. The tag would be there largely so that the pendant could find its way back to me. It will have my phone number on it.

Then I’d wear the pendant when I traveled, so that she would be with me in spirit. She loved traveling and meeting new people. Kinda like me.

I then spent two years trying to find a mold that would be big enough for the tag, which is fairly large. I think I’ve found it. I’m going to get a silicone baking pan, possibly cupcakes or muffins and see if the tag fits in it.

So once I have that, I’ll be ready to start making little round pieces of resin that are full of bubbles while I figure out how to remove the bubbles preparatory to making the actual pendant.

But first I need the materials.

Gratuitous Amazon Link time. I realized that with the Discworld books, I maybe should label them with which set of characters are central to the story. There are people, for example, who avoid the Rincewind books or just read the City Guard books, etc. Today we have the fifth book, Sourcery, which features Rincewind.

I Just Had the Weirdest Dream

November 22, 2020 1 of 8

Now, of course, that’s a bit of hyperbole. I always say that all of my dreams are the weirdest dream. I guess if I had a normal dream, it’d *that* would be the weirdest dream.

Anyway, I dreamed that somehow I ended up parking my car on the top floor of an administration building of a university. My dream didn’t specify that it was a private university at all, let alone a Roman Catholic one, but all of the administrators’ plaques and certificates and things all had “Sister (name)” on them.

It must’ve been very early in the morning, because no one was actually in the office and so I walked down to the ground floor so that I could get out of the building and there were some employees there. When I explained what had happened, one of them asked me to go back up and drive my car down right then, because if I wait until later, the building would be occupied and it might be dangerous to drive my car out of the building with all of those people around.

After that, my brain made up a storyline about college, Pokemon Go, driving, and a fictionalized, in-my-brain-0nly version of the suburbs I grew up in (where they were less suburban and more small-city-esque). I think I’ve dreamed about the small-city version of those suburbs before, but maybe that was just an impression I got within that dream.

I don’t normally try to analyze my dreams. Sometimes the meaning will be perfectly clear and I’ll be, like, “I’m still mourning my mom” or “I’m worried about work,” etc. I didn’t get a real read on what this meant aside from maybe looking forward to the day when I can afford that modern languages degree that I want.

Okay, it’s 4:00 am and I don’t have to be anywhere today, so I’m going back to bed for another six hours or so. Talk to you later.

Gratuitous Amazon Link time. Still Discworld. Sorry about how abrupt these links are, but really, it’s a huge, world-spanning social commentary/humor/fantasy series. There’s not much to say about each individual book. Book 4 of the Discworld series: Mort, by Terry Pratchett.