Can I write with my figerfinger while walleigwalking?

I’m was wayberrier bothing behind on both my steps and my word count. So I went looliglookiy looking for another dictation app to try. Rather than a dictiodictation app, thoslthough, I foul found the Google haddhandwrity writing um…interfae interfaceQuerythingy.

so I’ve installed it au and amus is an amusing am using it to wait write this post while I walk.

This still requiry requires a lot more looking down than dictetion dictation would, but also requires less precision than typirnsg.

will I stick with this? Let’s siresive give it the weak at weekers weekend to find out.

Btw, I awe have a three day weekend coum coming up starting tomorrow.

ETA: Not perfect, but better than my tries at dictation. Also slower than dictation or typing, but let’s see if I can get it going faster and eliminate the typos. Are they typos when you’re writing with your finger?

I Had So Many Writing Ideas . . .

November 9, 2020 2 of 8

Earlier when I was walking, I was, “When I get home, I’m going to write about this, and about that, and . . . .”

And then I got home and it all disappeared.

I was going to write about the recipe I invented by accident, but I’ve pretty much been writing about cooking while making the dish itself. I just texted Alex to see if he wants to have dinner tomorrow. If so, I’ll see if he wants that dish. If not, maybe I’ll stop and get chicken tenderloins on the way home and make it tomorrow night anyhow.

Oh, I was going to post about the weird dream I had last night. It was weird enough that maybe it could make a post of its own.

I also need to post about the two parks I went to yesterday.

As I said, I went for a long walk today. I think I’ve already posted about my greenway picture-taking project. Evelyn and I are looking for shady places to take the dogs for walks, and so I’m taking pictures every 10 minutes while I walk and am going to make movies of them so we can get an idea of which trails/parks are the shadiest. I’m up to 11 photos (the greenways are out-and-back, and I don’t take pictures on the way back. So 11 photos is 3.67 hours of walking.

Oh, and I’m working on my last? Next-to-last? hour of continuing education for my pharmacy technician registration. I need to knock those out tonight so I can get that together.

Since I’m on a Ms. Marvel roll with my Gratuitous Amazon Links, next up is Mecca, by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona. Technically, this should have come before the one I used for my first post today, but since there’s no continuity here, I don’t think it’ll matter.

Catching Up on My Goodreads Listings

November 9, 2020 1 of 8

Let’s see if I can actually make it to eight posts today. I’m off today; it’s 3:30 pm; that’s a little more than 1 post per hour.

While trying to get read dates on my dateless Goodreads listings, I’ve added dates to five Ms. Marvel compilations. There are also three more books that I didn’t even have on myGoodreads. I’ve read those and am adding them to my Goodreads account right now.

Or I will if my computer ever catches up to where I am. I really need to close all of my windows and tabs and restart once I’ve finished this post.

Oh, my God. My computer is so slow.

I’m almost caught up with the Ms. Marvel comics (though apparently there’s one more compilation, from when they changed writers from G. Willow Wilson go Saladin Ahmed, that I didn’t notice and that I’ll have to go back and read it.

I don’t know if my collection of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comics has read dates, but I know that some of my Avatar: The Last Airbender comics don’t, so one of them will be the next thing I read once I finish Ms. Marvel.

I have read a bunch just yesterday and today. I guess I’ll go with Teenage Wasteland, by G. Willow Wilson and Nico Leon.