I Need to Get Moving

November 2, 2020 3 of 8

I got up for-me-extra-early today (8:30) and tried to knock out some words, but I’ve found a new YouTuber that I like (and then found a new one, who really is new — she only has two videos so far) and wrote a post, then watched some videos and unraveled, then wrote another post and watched some videos and unraveled.

I mean, these will all be useful later this month, when I write about these YouTube creators and about the blanket-rebirth project (which really needs a name), but it’s not helping me get my daily stuff done.

Along the way, I also took my Symbicort and ate breakfast, so those are useful, obviously. Today I was planning to go to a seamstress that one of my coworkers uses to get a new lining put into my black purse (it’s a black lining and it’s a nightmare to find anything in that purse) and to get started on a project to determine which of the greenways has the most tree cover (almost said “shade,” which sounded wrong).

It’s now noon and I’ve got to get my showering done and try to figure out what’s going on with Pimsleur Czech on my way to running those errands. I’ll post Czech, the errands, etc. later.

This posts’s Gratuitous Amazon Link is for Crossings by Alex Landragin. I enjoyed this one, which is about people who lived in a Polynesian culture hundreds of years ago and where the members of the culture can switch souls with others. Our two protagonists were lovers and they lost each other and now the woman has been hopping from body to body trying to catch up to the man and there’s another order you can read the book in which supposedly also makes sense, but I must have been doing it wrong, because it made less sense to me that way. At any rate, the link is to the hard copy version, because I don’t know how the alternative sequence would work in Kindle. Maybe it’d be easier. I don’t know. I enjoyed the book but not enough to buy the Kindle version, too.

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