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November 6, 2020 3 of 8

I had a dream. I dreamed it for you, June.

No. That’s Gypsy.

I did have a dream, though. In it, The Doctor was in front of some kind of governing body of invading aliens (not unlike in the Invasion of Time storyline), but in this case, the conflict wasn’t about Gallifrey but was, instead, about Earth. The invaders needed a Time Lord/Lady to solve the problem, but they also needed someone with a stake in Earth’s future to solve the problem. So, The Doctor ended up turning Sarah Jane Smith into a Time Lady. When I woke up, I (a) wondered if Sarah Jane Smith would fare better than Donna Noble had, (b) wondered if this was me in a way mourning for Elisabeth Sladen (belated, I know, since she died nine years ago (!)), and (c) kinda missed the days when I was a huge Doctor Who fan.

I’ve had a number of fandoms in the past, Doctor Who was probably my first one, and definitely was the one that lasted the longest. But I’ve also been a fan of two soap operas (Santa Barbara and Sunset Beach), well, okay, three soap operas, because even though Dark Shadows is its own fandom thing now, and I was just a baby when it was on the air, it still aired as a soap opera originally. I was a fan of Roswell and of Beauty and the Beast (the 1980s version) and of Smallville. I know there are others, but that’s pretty much it for me right now.

Oh! Babylon Five! That’s my traditional move whenever the people around me get into Star Wars vs. Star Trek. I throw B5 into the mix and sometimes will gather a sizable group who agree with me. I came to B5 pretty late, but I think it still counts.

I was a huge comic book fan for decades, and I guess you can be a fan of book series, and I’ve got a lot of those. So, I guess I’ll sometimes be blogging about my fandoms. Maybe.

Gratuitous Amazon Link time! Today, it’s See How They Run, the second Embassy Row book by Ally Carter. I just read it about a year and a half ago, and I can remember bits and pieces of it, the ending made an impression, though.

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